Artisan chocolate,
made with 100%
Mexican cocoa

{ Bean to Bar }

We toast carefully the cocoa
to develop to discover
its character and aroma

The main ingredient is
the love we feel for chocolate

The sweet taste of
artisan chocolate

Unique recipes made
by artisan hands

Trufas y Bombones finos

Truffles and fine chocolates

A fine collection of
scents and styles

Visit us in our chocolate
workshop and boutique

Discover Villa Cocoa
and the magic of
San Sebastián del Oeste


We use 100% Trinidadian cocoa of Mexican origin

We manufacture authentic chocolate with 100% Mexican cocoa and we make fine chocolate bars, chocolates, truffles, covered fruits, table chocolate and powdered chocolate. We also prepare cakes, jam and cookies. All with natural ingredients which we choose finely for each of our recipes.

Fall in love with the flavor and aroma of Villa Cocoa's chocolates, pastries and artisan products, which we make with love and with the utmost care in quality control.

The sweet taste of artisan chocolate

Made in
San Sebastián del Oeste

Our mission is to make your palate happy through the perfect combination of ingredients connected to
unique experiences of flavors that will make you smile.

Chocolate 71% Cacao

Bean to Bar Chocolate

Milk Chocolate
Milk Chocolate with Grilled Poblano Chilli
Milk Chocolate with Cacao Nibs
Milk Chocolate with Orange and Chipotle Chilli
Milk Chocolate with Hazelnut Sparks

Chocolate 45% Cacao

Bean to bar Chocolate

Intense Dark Chocolate, Intense
Dark Chocolate with Tamarind and Sesame Seed
Intense Dark Chocolate with Almond Croccante
Intense Dark Chocolate with Orange Sparks
Intense Dark Chocolate with Grilled Poblano Chilli

Chocolate Rustico

Rustic Chocolate

Mexican rustic chocolate bar for hot drink.

Truffles and fine chocolates

Hazelnut Praliné, Raspberry Ganache, Butter Caramel, Milk and Sesame Seed, Sherry & Kirsh licor, Date & Walnut, Confit Orange Ganache, Expresso Ganache Coconut, Raspberry Jam & Peanut Butter, Raicilla Licour, Rhum & Pineapple, Pistacho, Crispy Crepe & Alomnd Pralliné, Baileys, Passion Fruit & Banana, Ganache, Corn Flakes Rock, Grand Marnier Truffle, Orangette, and Nuts Rock.


Belgian Spice, Oatmeal, Butter and Raisins, Belgian Spice and Chocholate, Oatmeal, Butter and Chocolate, Oatmeal and Butter, Oatmeal, Butter and Almonds, Provencal Almond Macaron, and Brownie.

Artisan Jams

100 % natural jams made with seasonal fruit.

We create chocolates and fine experiences
with creativity and passion

Our history

From the heart of San Sebastián del Oeste, a legendary Magic Town located
in the Sierra Madre Occidental in Jalisco.

Villa Cocoa expresses the maximum splendor of Mexican artisanal chocolate, creating recipes and sweet experiences in each of our products. We are distinguished by the way we make our chocolates and make jams and all the artisan products that we have in our boutique. We take the magic of its preparation from the field to the showcase, taking care of the quality of our natural ingredients, applying high production standards and above all the perfection in each of our chocolates.

Visit our chocolate shop and boutique in San Sebastián del Oeste and in our Boutique in Bucerias. Enjoy the variety of chocolates, cakes, Villa Cocoa confectionery and also the variety of cookies, jams, "La Ferme" compotes. All 100% natural and proudly Mexican.

We use 100% Mexican Trinidadian cocoa and we process it by hand from the seed until the confection of each chocolate.

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Chocolate workshop and Boutique
Carr. San Sebastián del Oeste
La Estancia de Landeros 46990

Boutique at Bucerías
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